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Kidz Wurld Presents:

Miniature Golf

We have opened our new indoor miniature golf course.  This is a very unusual course, the obstacles are handmade.  This course is for everyone from age 1 to 100 to play and enjoy.  It is designed to give the most experienced golfer a challenge while the decore delights the younger golfers.

Kidz Wurld

The windmill works, the skeeball prizes are decorations, there is a lion, but he's friendly, Plinko is interactive, and the treasure chest has real treasures. 

The waterfall has real water, the dog, turtle, and lion happily give children rides, the wild west has a movie favorite, and the hot air balloon basket can also serve as a warning.

Kidz Wurld
Kidz Wurld

We offer discounts for active military and veterans. You can win a free ice cream or a free game of mini-golf on the 18th hole. Not everyone will step on the glass floor over the raging river.  Your adventure is waiting.

The water wheel is powered by water, Ariel is planning some surprises, and not all rock walls are hard as rocks. The 13th hole has its ups and downs. 

Kidz Wurld

We welcome all reviews, we celebrate the good reviews and learn from them all. Our goal is to create a happy, fun place for children and adults.

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